- for March, 2010

Masthead background color experimentation

I was experimenting with Masthead/blog header background colors. I always thought to add some color to my blog as my blog had boring style. I had removed all background images as those was very heavy and very dark spread over whole of blog header. Images on background was very heavy… (Continue)

CSS for Print Media for your Web Site

All blogger spend time making his blog beautiful. Blogger want to style his blog or web site by selecting right template for his blog. For WordPress user, there are plenty of themes available free of cost and premium ones also. After selecting a very good, suitable for his content template,… (Continue)


Do you know what does URI, URL and URN means? I bet you will say that I know about URL but what about URI and URN! Here is a good description on Wikipedia and that is enough to understand these three: URI tells a unique path to a resource on… (Continue)

Modifying WordPress Comment page for informing commenter

When a commenter comment on a post then you may be queuing it for approval before it can appear on your WordPress blog. In that case, commenter is not getting any feedback about when you are going to approve it, how much time it may take etc. For full time… (Continue)

Web Browser Usage Comparison – Feb/March 2010

Here are some stats about browser usages by visitors on my blog (Web Scripting). Data and graph presents are from my cPanel application Awstats and Google Analytics. Here is a Browser Usage stats from March 1 to 6. Data taken from Google Analytics. Browser Usage March 1- 6 - Web… (Continue)

How to Control Display of Sidebar Content in WordPress

Want to control the display of contents on sidebar? Content can be any widget content or text/JavaScript content. Many times it may happen that you want to display some content on Home page but not on other pages. Or you may want to display a sidebar content on Achieve pages… (Continue)

WordPress Sidebar Widgets – Sidebar Tabs

Here is my experience with Tabbed Widgets for WordPress sidebar. I want to save space on sidebar of my WordPress blog, so searching for a good sidebar tab widget. WordPress Widgets for Sidebar tabs: Fun with tabs: Breaking with my WordPress version (2.9.1) or theme (Which has created trouble). Going… (Continue)

WordPress and Content Delivery Network

WordPress has a nice feature of moving Wp-Content folder to a different place. This can be helpful for Content Delivery Network management. Wp-Content directory include all theme files, plugins and any uploads you have. We can use Content Delivery Network to parallelize the connection in Browser and distribute the loads… (Continue)

Writing Clean and Maintainable Code

Just few quick and simple points for writing clean and maintainable code that come to my mind. There can be many points added to it but I thought to publish whatever is just coming into my mind. I will try to add more points for clean, maintainable code and coding… (Continue)