Modifying WordPress Comment page for informing commenter

When a commenter comment on a post then you may be queuing it for approval before it can appear on your WordPress blog. In that case, commenter is not getting any feedback about when you are going to approve it, how much time it may take etc. For full time blogger, it is not a problem as they may do it really soon and commenter felt good when he see their approved comment. But for bloggers who do not blog as a full time blogger, it will be a good if we can tell the commenter that the comment approval can take this much time.

I also blog just as a hobby and cannot dedicate to it full time as I work for an IT company, I have modified the comment page for this. This is a do it yourself code and is not a plugin.

Page: wp-comments-post.php on root of WordPress installation

if ($comment_id > 0)
	echo '<p style="margin: 100px auto auto; width: 400px; height: 300px; font-weight: bolder">Comment submitted. Thank You! <br />
          Comments will be moderated and notified on approval. <br />It may take 12 to 24 hrs.<br />
        echo '<a href="'.$location.'">Back to original post.</a> </p>';

At the bottom of the page, you will find wp_redirect($location);. Just comment it and add the above lines of code as shown. Now, try to post a test comment from a browser where you are not logged-in and see what happens. If everything is fine!

Note: As this page falls in WordPress page and not inside template, so whenever you update WordPress, the change will go.