Web Browser Usage Comparison – Feb/March 2010

Here are some stats about browser usages by visitors on my blog (Web Scripting). Data and graph presents are from my cPanel application Awstats and Google Analytics.

Here is a Browser Usage stats from March 1 to 6. Data taken from Google Analytics.

Browser Usage March 1-6 - Web Scripting blog

Browser Usage March 1- 6 - Web Scripting blog (data from Google Analytics)

As visible from the statistics, techie has accepted Chrome and Chrome stands at 12.5 per cent. Firefox is very famous among programmers, where 61 percent programmers have given love to Firefox.

Another Stats for Browser Usage for Feb, 2010 from Awstats:

Feb 2010 Browser usage - Web Scripting blog (data from awstats)

Here is an year back data (Feb 2009 ) from Google Analytics:

Browser usage stats , Feb 1-28, 2009. Data from Google Analytics
If you also like Firefox, then it is good data that shows that Firefox has survived after Chrome. Firefox has maintained more than 60 percent usage among developers. But its growth has stagnated [ 🙁 ]. Chrome is taking Internet Explorer.

Data for Feb,2010:

Feb 2010 Browser Usage stats - Data from google analytics for Web Scripting

Browser/client Language - data from Google Analytics (March 1-6, 2010)

Browser client Language - data from Google Analytics for Web Scripting (March 1-6, 2010)

Browser client Language - data from Google Analytics for Web Scripting (March 1-6, 2010)

With this browser stats, you came to know my Blogs traffic. Enjoy! Don't hesitate to share the data with others. I have no reservation for this data sharing. 🙂

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