WordPress Sidebar Widgets – Sidebar Tabs

Here is my experience with Tabbed Widgets for WordPress sidebar. I want to save space on sidebar of my WordPress blog, so searching for a good sidebar tab widget.

WordPress Widgets for Sidebar tabs:

Fun with tabs:
Breaking with my WordPress version (2.9.1) or theme (Which has created trouble).
Going into infinite loop and eat all my memory when I was trying to add content to widget.

Post 2 tabs:
It just add number of posts for each categories and not the tab.
And after each category's posts list, it will add their plugin signature, which you may not like.

Hybrid Tabs:
Hybrid tabs was allowing only certain kind of data to tabs. I do not remember what but was not enough to use on my blog. On the plugin page, it is written that is created to use with Hybrid theme. So, it may not be working for me.

WordPress Tabs Slides:
This does not work for me. I cannot see any output.

AmR Tab Menu Navigation:
It has not given me any place to add content. It just showed me page list and asked for title of the content. This is also a old plugin and is not supported for my WordPress version, but still I have tried.

Tabbed Widgets:

This tab widget was working for me till I have not ventured in to use CDN for my blog. The only problem with this plugin is that it uses lots of JavaScript files. It uses JQuery and JQuery UI libraries and it also added possibly 2-3 more JavaScript files. This is not very good for web site performance. But still I was using this as this was the only widget that worked.

Hybrid Tabs:


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