- for April, 2010

Image Not Available : Easy Solution for Missing Images

What to do if image is not available in the source you are reading dynamically. Firefox will not show anything (if alt text not available) and IE will show bad looking cross image. I was working on a page where some data was coming from outside and based on that… (Continue)

How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ?

How do you delete the file that is cached on Browser due to future expire header set by your web application? Future expire header is suggested for static content such as image, CSS and JavaScript. These are the contents that rarely change and can be set in future. If you… (Continue)

Web Summit at GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit), 2010

I was at GIDS Web Summit, 2010 today (April, 20, 2010). It was a good experience to be there. Few speakers could not make into to the summit due to volcanic eruption otherwise it could be very good. I could not attend two of the planned speaker due to this.… (Continue)

SEO, Adsense and use of Images

Search Engine Optimization and image have a relation. When you use image for text, then Search Engine cannot read what the image has said. This can be good for Adsense and bad for SEO. Adsense and other contextual advertising tool check the content inside an article and then place advertisements… (Continue)