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What is Lorem Ipsum text?

Ever wondered what is the below text and why it is used all over internet. Is it useful for me or not! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque adipiscing elementum tristique. Nulla facilisi. Curabitur vestibulum tempus tempus. Proin eu laoreet sem. Donec vitae felis massa. Mauris non… (Continue)

JavaScript: Dynamically Attach Event Handler to any HTML Element

Want to attach an event handler to HTML element but not by writing as HTML property but directly using JavaScript! Attaching event dynamically for an element can be needed for the reason you do not have direct access to HTML element or for the reason you think that not attaching… (Continue)

Translate and Text-to-Speech Hindi Tool by Google

Google has launched text-to-speech for Hindi language. You know that Google already has a translation tool for many languages including Hindi Language! Now, Google has added one more advanced feature that is Text-To-Speech. And of course it is free of cost. You do not need to be on your computer… (Continue)

Programming Language History in a Funny Way

James Iry has compiled history of programming language in funny way. His title of the article suggest that it can be incomplete as when someone tried inventing programming language but have not announced at the same time and language develop with time and for what reason can be doubtful. His… (Continue)

How to Clear Browser Cache ?

Here is an article for - How to clear your browser cache? It is not a question for most of you but I am writing it for all those who are reaching at How to Delete Cached File on Client Side ? when they just want to delete his own… (Continue)

HTML Symbol for Check Mark and Others

Here is another hurriedly written post but have some meaning to share with you. I got a promo mock up and there was a check mark (tick mark) symbol that is generally available in MS word. For that list items, I need image to use with CSS (list-style-image:url();). and that… (Continue)

Top Countries and Continents Visitors to My Blog

I am sharing some data about the visitors. Data about the visitors to my blog and from which continents and countries they come. Here are data about the continents and countries who send most traffic to my blog. It is not India who send most visitors but It is United… (Continue)