Few Php Configuration Settings That Are Helpful In Adjusting Ourselves To New Php Environment (PHP 6)

I have compiled few PHP configuration settings that are helpful in adjusting ourselves to new PHP environment.

Here are few php.ini setting you may be aware of that will expire in php6. It would be good to aware of these fading configurations setting as you may need this when you need to migrate the old code to new php6 code or you need when debugging. For some setting, you may be dependent of from long time like register_globals. You can no more use $name for $_POST['name'] as register_globals is removed in PHP6. Similarly magic_quotes_gpc will go in PHP6. You need to escapes input elements of your own depending on the what you are going to do with data.

allow_call_time_pass_reference"1"PHP_INI_PERDIRPHP_INI_ALL in PHP 4.0.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
define_syslog_variables0PHP_INI_ALLRemoved in PHP 6.0.0.
detect_unicode"1"PHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 5.1.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
enable_dl"1"PHP_INI_SYSTEMRemoved in PHP 6.0.0.
highlight.bg"#FFFFFF"PHP_INI_ALLRemoved in PHP 6.0.0.
magic_quotes_gpc"1"PHP_INI_PERDIRPHP_INI_ALL - in PHP <= 4.2.3. Deprecated in PHP 5.3.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
magic_quotes_runtime"0"PHP_INI_ALLRemoved in PHP 6.0.0.
magic_quotes_sybase"0"PHP_INI_ALLRemoved in PHP 6.0.0.
register_globals"0"PHP_INI_PERDIRPHP_INI_ALL in PHP <= 4.2.3. Deprecated in 5.3.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
pdo_odbc.db2_instance_nameNULLPHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 5.1.1. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
register_long_arrays"1"PHP_INI_PERDIRAvailable since PHP 5.0.0. Deprecated in PHP 5.3.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
safe_mode"0"PHP_INI_SYSTEMDeprecated in PHP 5.3.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
safe_mode_allowed_env_vars"PHP_"PHP_INI_SYSTEMRemoved in PHP 6.0.0.
safe_mode_exec_dir""PHP_INI_SYSTEMRemoved in PHP 6.0.0.
safe_mode_gid"0"PHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 4.1.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
safe_mode_include_dirNULLPHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 4.1.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0
PHP_INI_SYSTEMRemoved in PHP 6.0.0
session.bug_compat_42"1"PHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 4.3.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.
session.bug_compat_warn"1"PHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 4.3.0. Removed in PHP 6.0.0.

Here is a list of configuration settings that will be available in PHP6. New settings have come to enhance the performance and
provide Unicode support to PHP application. has prepared itself very well to stop the criticism that PHP developed application
cannot be an enterprise application. New configurations you may not be aware of that will be available in php6 will help you better use PHP:

mysql.allow_local_infile"1"PHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
mysql.cache_size"2000"PHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
mysqli.allow_local_infile"1"PHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
mysqli.cache_size"2000"PHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 6.0.0
mysqlnd.collect_statistics"1"PHP_INI_SYSTEMAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
sqlite.iso8859.locale"1"PHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
unicode.fallback_encodingNULLPHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0
unicode.filesystem_encodingNULLPHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
unicode.http_input_encodingNULLPHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
unicode.output_encodingNULLPHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
unicode.runtime_encodingNULLPHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
unicode.script_encodingNULLPHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
unicode.stream_encoding"UTF-8"PHP_INI_ALLAvailable since PHP 6.0.0.
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