Top Countries and Continents Visitors to My Blog

I am sharing some data about the visitors. Data about the visitors to my blog and from which continents and countries they come.
Here are data about the continents and countries who send most traffic to my blog. It is not India who send most visitors but It is United States of America who send most visitors to my Web Scripting blog. Indian visitors are increasing month by month from past years but it is still short of America. Sweden is a surprise at 9th position in country list according to Awstats data. Top nine countries in the list of visitors are USA, India, England, Canada, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, Czech Republic, and Sweden.

Top three continents visitors include America, Europe and Asia. Here I thought it should be Asia at least in second but it is not.

Top Countries sending visitors to my blog:

Awstats data about top countries who sends most visitors to my web scripting

Top continents sending visitors to my blog:
Google Analytic data about my Web Scripting ( blog

  • # 1 - by Jonas

    Sweden shouldn’t come as a surprise to you man! You have a big fan base over here! 🙂

    // Jonas of Sweden

  • # 2 - by Satya Prakash

    Very happy to see you here Mr. Jonas, The Boss.

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