Translate and Text-to-Speech Hindi Tool by Google

Google has launched text-to-speech for Hindi language. You know that Google already has a translation tool for many languages including Hindi Language! Now, Google has added one more advanced feature that is Text-To-Speech. And of course it is free of cost. You do not need to be on your computer for any software you have installed there. So, when you write something in English (or any in language), then that will be translated to Hindi if you have selected Translate into: Hindi, then you will see speaker sign before the translation. Clicking on that speaker icon can read the Hindi for you.

Google's New Text-To-Speech tool with translation

Google translation tool can translate whole page also. Just give an url of any web page and press "Translate" button. Here auto translation does not work, so , you need to press "translate" button. After that whole new translated page will come and you can browser the site as like any Hindi language site. Google has 57 total languages on Google Translate.

Here if you want to see how Alamo page get translated to Hindi and how to read the Hindi Text then do as above and use the the URL as shown in below image.

Google's Text-to-speech tool

Google's Text-to-speech tool

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