What is Lorem Ipsum text?

Ever wondered what is the below text and why it is used all over internet. Is it useful for me or not!

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The text is common for using as the dummy text for printing and typesetting industry and the same text is carried over to internet for filling space when you do not have a real text and still want to see how your layout will look once the real text will be added. So, in web page, this text can be used for filling the space so that we know how our page will look after the text will be added. This can also be used when you just want to refer to a paragraph of text and not a particular text. Useless text can distract the viewer from the original point you want to make at a time. So, this well known text play a role there as well. I have used the lorum ipsum in this JavaScript Event Handler article, where I want to present example about innerHTML of the paragraph.

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