- for June, 2010

Fight between WHATWG and W3C; Fight for HTML5 Specification

Very good discussion posted by Stephen Shankland about new HTML specification (HTML5), W3C, WHATWG and few very important persons involved in development of new specification for HTML5. I have found the post very interesting and useful for all those who are related to web development. He discussed about state of… (Continue)

Junk Character Problem with ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) Encoding

Here is a rumbling about the Junk characters that appear from time to time on page due to wrong settings on editors or for other reason. Take this text for example: Europa im Mietwagen bis zu 15 % GÜNSTIGER Große Tour – große Ersparnis! Here is image of the above… (Continue)

WordPress 3.0 Benefits: Custom Fields

Very recently, I have download the WordPress 3.0 and installed on my laptop and office PC also. Just after downloading, I thought about the new buzzwords going around for WordPress 3.0. and few points attracted my eye were these: - WordPress and WordPress MU have merged. This means we can… (Continue)

Social Browser – Flock, started using Chromium

Flock web browser who has marketed itself as social web browser has released its beta release based on Chromium. It was using Firefox in core. Flock was dubbed as slow, cluttered by many. So, Flock has tried to market itself as faster Web Browser with social tag. It has also… (Continue)

Google Font API: Fonts Viewer – Preview all available Fonts in Google Directory

Continue from Google Font API: Why it exists and How it is useful!- jQuery(document).ready(function() {setTimeout('clearTimeout(rltid)',200000);}) Google API Font Viewer Application: Google Font Viewer Application will display text using all fonts available as of today according to style you provide below. I checked the application only in Firefox. 'Show me' button… (Continue)

Google Font API: Why it exists and How it is useful!

Here is a rumbling about Google Font API. Why Google Font API and What is the use of it? Web fonts are restricted by fonts available on Clients/Visitors machine. Web authors creativity is also restricted by this reason. Web authors are never sure that fonts he uses on his page… (Continue)