Google Font API: Fonts Viewer – Preview all available Fonts in Google Directory

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Google API Font Viewer Application:
Google Font Viewer Application will display text using all fonts available as of today according to style you provide below. I checked the application only in Firefox. 'Show me' button will display your text in various fonts and 'Clear Display' button will clear the display so that you can try afresh.

Web fonts is stored at different places other than clients system. When I was reading the Google Documentation for Font API, I got that for italics or bold you need to specify in request itself, so that kind of glyph can be send in response.

View fonts on Google Font Directory:

Available Fonts on Google Font Directory:

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Text to View:
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Hope you have enjoyed fonts viewer/preview application!
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Update (30-07-2010): Not all fonts have every variants. Example is Tangerine. This does not have italics variant as said in Google webfonts.
One thing to investigate is when I use here italics for the font then it give me any other font and does not look like Tangerine and it works when I use bold. According to Google WebFonts (as of now), bold is available for the font. But the same things is working in Google Font previewer even if they say that italics is not available! At least their they do not server different font.
So, better try fonts without any variants first. Then see if your variants is available for the font or not!

  • # 1 - by Divyang

    I was working on the same idea of Google Font API demo. But not anymore. Good work.

  • # 2 - by Divyang

    I was working on the same idea of Google Font API demo. But not anymore. Good work.

  • # 3 - by Dom

    Nice Script, but when I check the italic box – the font's are all identical – is it a bug?

  • # 4 - by Satya Prakash

    This is possibly not all fonts have italics glyphs. Few fonts are coming in italics.

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