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Just a quick post as I understood something important about WordPress famous plugin for paging - WP-PageNavi. My configuration for this was not very correct and it was getting 404 Not found in Google webmaster tool. I think you would not like to see those error in webmaster tool. And it may not be good for SEO. Wrong setting in page navigation was adding paging range in footer that does not exist. When someone click on those link then WordPress either generates "404 Not Found" or something like "sorry! no post". Google was trying to follow those link as well and getting the "404 Page not Found" error. All 404 page not found error for pages was reported in Webmaster tool.

A 404 page on my Web Scripting blog:

Here is screenshot of the option part I will refer:
wordpress page navigation options

There are two important options very useful for the above problem. One is "Always show page navigation" and another is "Number of Larger page numbers to show". I have tried with the first one but that did not solved the above problem. For Second option, I have set it to 1 thinking it is minimum and it will solve my problem but it did not until I set it to 0 (Zero). Hope this will help someone and save time. I was thinking of modifying the WordPress Page Navigation plugin for this reason after thinking there cannot be any solution for this extra pagings.

Please check, if nothing else work then Option: "Number of pages to Show" need to decrease. I set it to 1.
Then if there are many pages to show then it will come like this:
Page 1 of 4 1 »...Last » . So, how many pages you have is still visible. Stopping 404 is important.

I saw my caching plugin is not clearing it correctly. It may be Page-Navi plugin error also. But clearing cache two three times works. Check the result in different browser so that you see what you get after logout.

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