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Opentype vs Truetype – Differences

Just few days back we in India, we got Indian Rupee symbol approved by Indian government and so after that we got a font for the new symbol. A company named Foradian has developed the font that has Indian Rupee symbol. Later it added other characters. Rupee Symbol. Indian currency… (Continue)

Y2K38 Bug and PHP DateTime Class to the rescue

Are you aware of Y2K38 bug. I guess you are aware of it but do not know it by name. You may know that on 32 bit system, PHP date time can work from 1970 to 2038. 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038 is farthest date you can use to… (Continue)

XML Paging in JavaScript

I was trying to develop a paging in XML with JavaScript and could write this code. It takes a XML file name as Input and gives five records on each page. No of records can be changed on each page. Check recordPerPage and max variable. I was working on this… (Continue)

PHP Extensions List

PHP has lots of extensions and many are loaded by defaults based on PHP version you are using. I was just reading about this PHP function get_loaded_extensions(), which gives you list of PHP extensions loaded in your installation and thought of writing this post. To get list of available PHP… (Continue)

PHP: Regex Find and Replace any Word (string or text) at one go

How to achieve find and replace in one go? I tried searching for find and replace at a time then I could not find the direct answer on net. There is find/search at a time or replace. I want to do both. PHP regular expression function preg_replace_callback() can achieve this… (Continue)

Default List Design using CSS (UL/OL/LI)

Designing List using CSS is not a big thing. Generally I need to use few lines for simple setting of List (<li>). One things that creates problem every time is IE6 and IE7. I always see by surprise why why so much padding/margin IE6 and IE7 getting whereas IE8 and… (Continue)

Adding Tweet This Button To WordPress

You may know by this time that Twitter has made simple adding Tweet this button on you site. Adding tweet this button on your blog or website is very easy. It is as easy as adding Facebook Like button. Here is the code I am using, after removing Tweetmeme button.… (Continue)

Adding Facebook Like button on Website is as easy as 1-2-3

I was using a Plugin for Facebook Like button. It was working but not correctly. I cannot add comment using that. Only Like functionality was working. I tried to fix that was cannot. Recently I tried to get code directly from Facebook and it is very easy to setup. For… (Continue)

Website Optimization plugin: Ordering Stylesheet and Javascript

Here I have discussed about one of many ways of Website Optimization and a WordPress plugin that helps in achieving the optimization tips discussed here. Did you ever read about Website Optimization of website/blog through ordering styles and Scripts in head section? If you like your website load in browser… (Continue)