- for August, 2010

Window 7 bug: Full brightness after power saving mode

I faced this problem few times in power saving mode. Earlier I was not sure when I encounter this problem. But today I got the problem exactly when I encounter this problem. When power goes off and my window 7 (win7) goes to power saving mode due to that and… (Continue)

Enable Multiple Account Sign-up in Google

Do you maintain multiple Google's accounts. One for work and one for home or One for general stuff and another for very important work like Google cart, payment and other stuff. If you maintain multiple account then you may be using two browser sometimes just for keeping up with multiple… (Continue)

Web Browser IE is Up, Firefox and Chrome is down

In recent two consecutive months, IE has gained market share whereas Firefox and Chrome browser has lost market share in web browser usage world wide. This seems unrealistic considering Chrome and Firefox hype about fastness, secure and other features among youngsters. For Internet Explorer, June and July, 2010 has been… (Continue)