Web Browser IE is Up, Firefox and Chrome is down

In recent two consecutive months, IE has gained market share whereas Firefox and Chrome browser has lost market share in web browser usage world wide. This seems unrealistic considering Chrome and Firefox hype about fastness, secure and other features among youngsters. For Internet Explorer, June and July, 2010 has been a successful months. Lets see what IE can do in future. It will continue its momentum and create a landmark when IE9 rolled out in market. It is due in sept, 2010.

News in not good for Firefox lovers. Firefox is loosing its momentum that it gained last year. It is loosing its market share among web users. Chrome increase has declined due IE's gain but still it is on positive growth. Opera and Safari is also gaining slowly. Firefox has come down to less than 25 per cent.

Browser Market share

Source: arstechnica.com

Here is Web Scripting Market share. This can be different as the visitors here are like you always. 🙂

Browser market share in Aug, 2010

Source: ars technica

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