- for September, 2010

12. Learning Java: JSTL, part 3 – a rant

In this hours, it comes tag files in JSTL. Creating tags and using those tags. Inside web folder:  index.jsp <%-- Document : index Created on : Sep 24, 2010, 7:30:10 PM Author : JAVA --%> <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> <%@ taglib tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags/" prefix="Emp"… (Continue)

11. Learning Java: JSTL, part 2 – a rant

In the 11th hours, I continued with JSTL. In this, I learned about delimits, Connections to the database. Here is another blah blah post continued. You can continue reading my blah blah post for many days to come. 🙂 Here are the hand written fragments. Token: <core:set value="Satya|Prakash:Karan" var="Names" />… (Continue)

JavaScript Cookie – when it is set?

I am facing problem related to Cookie. I want to know when a Cookie is set, which date? I see there is not way to know when a cookie is set! Am I missing something big? If a cookie setting statement is there on a page above your code to… (Continue)

10. Learning Java: JSTL – a rant

On 10th hours, it is JSTL (JavaServer Page Standard Tag Library). We can mix JSP scriptlets with HTML but that takes on readability. JSTL help us there. JSTL can do most common things we usually do in web development. First need to add library from Project Properties -> add library… (Continue)

6. Java for Web Development for PHP developer – a rant

This is hour six. After NetBeans installation on hour 5th, it is time to do work. Checked with how to Run Servlet, How to run single Servlet instead of whole project, how to use web.xml file and other things about folder structure. Also, learned about, how to pass the POST-ed… (Continue)

8. Java for Web Development for PHP developer – a rant

In the 8th hours, I learned about JSP. Scriptlet <% %>, declaration section <%! %>, JSP tags <jsp:include page="page.jsp" />. Page1.jsp: <jsp:include page="pname.jsp"> <jsp:param name="name" value="Val" ></jsp:param> <jsp:param name="class" value="PHP" /> </jsp:include> pname.jsp: <%=request.getParameter('name') %> <%=request.getParameter(class) %> ------- <jsp:forward page = "forwardto.jsp" /> This will forward control to forwarded page… (Continue)

9. Java for Web Development for PHP developer – a rant

In the 9th hours, I have learned about Expression Language on JSP pages. Expression Language (EL) is a scripting language which allows access to Java components (JavaBeans) through JSP. <%@ page isElIgnored=TRUE|FALSE %> ${23E4} for 23 * 10^4. Declaration section: <%! int a = 10, b = 20; %> <%… (Continue)

JavaScript Date Range

Here is code which restricts user to pick date in range. It is not about the normal "From:" and "To:" dates. The script is about the months you allow to pick in 12 months. The below code show the date from previous months of the current year to the current… (Continue)