1 & 2. Java for web development for PHP programmers – a rant

This is a rant about Java learning. I started learning Java few days back and it is fun to learn something new. I learned core Java in University course. I thought to refresh it and learn advanced Java for web development. It was a very long back when I have learnt core Java so nothing was on top of my mind.

1st day, I learned about Package, Class, main() and interface. That same Hello World! program. That public static void main(String args[]) {} and case sensitive.

After that I got introduction about Package and I understood that it can be similar to namespace in PHP. then I got other Object Oriented properties in Java. Abstract classes, Interface and accesses specifiers in Java. I have learnt that for package I need to create a folder with the same name and mention the package name at the top of the class. I came to know Java calls all constructor upto base class and not like PHP. PHP only calls current class/child constructor.  Few sample programs and 2nd days is over.