5. Java for Web Development for PHP developer – a rant

5 hrs is about JSP and servlet. Example servlet and how to run that in Netbeans. How to set few important parameters in web.xml file. Structure of web Application. How to use Java application in web pages.

Ah! Need to set up server and IDE for Java servlets. My dear Apache HTTP server cannot do the job. Need something that can understand the Java and parse it. So got "Apache Tomcat". I understand "Apache", "Tom" and "Cat" but not "Apache Tomcat". hum!

How to install it, how to run servlets? Finding difficult to do all these things I started searching for the solution. Finally found there is an exe file available also. Later found that NetBeans IDE is available with full bundle like we have XAMPP. So, downloaded that.

Downloaded the NetBeans from here: http://netbeans.org/downloads/index.html?intcmp=3513
I have used the Download button from Java column.

Java, Netbeans and Glassfish

It is said there that later you can add/remove an item. So, if found netBeans good then I can download the plugin for PHP.

And after that what happened? Nothing, time to sleep. Bye!