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5. Java for Web Development for PHP developer – a rant

5 hrs is about JSP and servlet. Example servlet and how to run that in Netbeans. How to set few important parameters in web.xml file. Structure of web Application. How to use Java application in web pages. Ah! Need to set up server and IDE for Java servlets. My dear… (Continue)

PHP Date / Time Function: strtotime

PHP has number of date and time functions. One is date(), which I feel, is most used date and time function. Time() function can be another most used time function. But the most interesting date and time function I feel is the function strtotime(). It is interesting as it understand… (Continue)

3. Java for Web Development for PHP Developers – a rant

3rd day it was data access through ODBC. Data access concept was nothing difficult to understand but it has introduced few new classes and it was something to understand. Using MySQL with Java was most difficult and I could not set it up. It requires Connector J to connect to… (Continue)

My News/Views blog on

I have another blog very few of you may know as that are not technology related and that is also more of India centric. I do not update that regularly, but once it was a very good blog and Google liked to send traffic to that for each and every… (Continue)

How to Write Smarty Plugin; Example smarty Plugin – Trim

Writing smarty plugin is very easy. It is just like writing a custom function for Smarty. Only work you need to do is to name it differently. The plugin name is of the pattern: function smarty_block_yourName($params, $content, &$smarty) {} After creating a function like the above, just drop the file… (Continue)

How is this classification of PHP products?

At a place, I saw classification like this Framework: CakePHP , Code Igniter , eZ Components , PEAR, Smarty , Symphony , Zend Framework. Apps: Drupal , Joomla , Mambo , osCommerce , Wordpress. Now just I will take one - Drupal. Don't we say Drupal a framework? Even drupal… (Continue)

How to Avoid Duplicate URLs Issue in Google Webmasters Tool

Are you getting duplicate Title warning in Google Webmasters tool? This come when you have same Title meta tag and different URLs. If URL is really different then we need to correct the title tag on Head section. Sometimes we do not have different URLs but the the same URL… (Continue)

New WordPress Plugin: Escape HTML

Many of WordPress users post codes online. Code can be HTML code, JavaScript code, PHP script or any other kind of code, codes need to be escaped so that it can come correctly in web page. I used to use this tool for escaping script for online posting on WordPress… (Continue)