- for October, 2010

Installing Zend Framework – It looks easy

Just thought to see Zend Framework. What is it and how it works! I got few different options of downloading and I have selected the "Zend Framework Full Package". I already have Apache server and I though to use that one instead of new server. Here is a link to… (Continue)

Last one: Java learning – XML – a rant

I thought of write a post for each hours I learn Java for web development, but that I could not maintain. I hope regular visitors may have found the posting useful. As I cannot post more possibly of my Java learning for Web development so thought to end the series.… (Continue)

How to Modify BlogSpot/Blogger Gadget’s HTML

What BlogSpot users miss most is ability to control output as exactly they want. BlogSpot users are not allowed to use server side languages. Also they have little control over JavaScript as well. They cannot use external JavaScript file unless they have a hosting place to do so. Sometimes, you… (Continue)

Insight into CMS market: Comparison among WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

According to DoNanza report, CMS market is growing at rapid pace. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are taking each other. WordPress is the front runner, Joomla is second and Drupal is next. For high budget projects, Drupal is taking lead. DoNanza mostly represent work from home market share. PHP CMS report… (Continue)

Google Redirect Virus Causing Google Result Redirected

I faced security problem in my system. It has given a tough time for 2 days. I have a licensed version of McAfee Anti-Virus, but still I got infected with Google redirect virus. The virus was affecting the search result. So, when I have searched anything in Google and on… (Continue)

Firefox Link Properties (Element Properties) in Context Menu

Firefox has removed Link properties in content menu in version 3.6. Today, I have installed Firefox 3.6 at my laptop and found link properties missing. Properties are useful in checking link and image. I can see whether link is nofollow link or it has any JavaScript function associated with it.… (Continue)

17 to 20: Java Learning: Struts – a rant

I have lost in Java's servlet. There are so many things to learn and I do not have good books. SL 314 book is not enough for me. That have some theory part but not good in practical. Also Java strict typing is creating problem. Everything is object is also… (Continue)

php.js – Server-side to Client-side

A new project is going on to provide us developers all PHP functions in JavaScript. It is not about providing you everything PHP in JavaScript. So, no need to rejoice that you do not need to learn JavaScript. They are only providing PHP functions to JavaScript. Big guys at php.js… (Continue)

Technical Writer Job – Good or Bad! Who is suitable for it?

I started getting lots of job offer from big companies for Technical Writer position. Even for senior position, I am getting job offer. I do not know why it all started happening from previous month. Is this Technical writer work getting more attention these days? I replied to one email… (Continue)