Google Redirect Virus Causing Google Result Redirected

I faced security problem in my system. It has given a tough time for 2 days. I have a licensed version of McAfee Anti-Virus, but still I got infected with Google redirect virus. The virus was affecting the search result. So, when I have searched anything in Google and on the search result page, when I click on any link, I was getting redirected to another website and not on the website shown on the result page. The site where I was getting redirected was a porn sites and e-commerce site.
Affected browsers were Google's Chrome and Internet Explorer. I use chrome and Firefox regularly. After getting problem in Chrome, I have shifted to Internet Explorer temporarily. After few hours, I saw IE has the same problem.

I searched on the net and found that other anit-viruses is also failing for this virus. After googling a lot, I have found few many solutions. Few are just any solutions. I downloaded kaspersky's TDSSKiller software and used this. However this cannot detect anything. But it was recommended at many place. If you are facing the Google redirect virus/malware/spyware problem then you can try it. It is from a Anti-Virus brand so easy to trust. I had also tried McAfee's Virtual Technician, but failed as well. So, I was looking for new software. The above TDSSKiller is free. Finally I have downloaded PC Tool's Spyware doctor. It is free to detect but I think it has removed the only virus I had. After using this for once, I have uninstalled it and tried Ad-Aware. That has not said anything. So, probably problem has solved. Later, I have uninstalled it also. Another software I have listened related to this problem was Malwarebytes.

Sometimes, the Google redirect virus informed me about a security problem also, and warned me of various spy-ware and malware. It all happened so soon you may not find time to think. As you have clicked on trusted link from Google's search page after setting the URL but getting redirected to different page.

Here is a snap of that alert I got after redirect virus: (click the image to see bigger image)
Google redirect virus

I was more temped to click on yes, when looking for the solution for the problem. I thought, I get a message from the solution website but it was all that redirect virus tactic.

I think, now Anti-Virus should think much of Spyware and malware much then just Virus. The spyware, trojon horse and malware are greater threat these days for stealing back account and another sensitive information.

Update:(26-Oct-2010) Updates for you! If you are facing the same problem then this info will be useful.
I again faced the same problem and this time I have tried Malwarebytes software. As, PC Tool Spyware doctor only detect in free version, so I think that time they have not removed anything. I also found that the Google Redirect Malware change the Proxy server setting. It will auto select the check box for proxy without any value. I have tried un-checking it many times but it got selected always. This time after removing the Malware (Google result redirect), I saw my network not working. Firefox is good enough that reported the cause of net not working. It reported about Proxy problem. So, I checked in "Internet Options" -> Connection, and found that Proxy is selected again. I have un-checked that and Internet started working.

Here is Spyware Doctor's report about malware on my System:
Spyware Doctor report

Here is MalwareBytes Report:

Malwarebytes will clean the detected Viruses/Malwares/Trojons free of charge.

Here is the reason, why my network stopped working after MalwareBytes cleaned my system free of cost:
Network problem after Google redireect virus removal
Un-check the proxy for your net to work. Or if you were using a proxy then you may need to provide your proxy settings. After this fix I got to understand that how the Google Malware can cleanly redirect me to this site.

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