Historic Post: Screenshot of my First PHP Project

This is another historic post. The screenshot is of my first PHP application made for MCA project in 2004. I have already posted UML diagrams here. Here RMS stands for Recruitment management system.

RMS: Screen Shots

/rec/Login.php - Login Page

Recruitment Management System at http://www.snstech.com/

/rec/start.php - Home Page


/rec/start.php - JavaScript Menu


/rec/frmResumeSub.php - Resume Submission place.

Here Summary will be entered and Detailed resume will be uploaded. Considerable : Yes/No is useful for short listing candidate. Marked no will not appear for Interview scheduling.


/rec/frmResumeShow.php - View Resume

Resume(s) can be viewed by Date range, resume id, name, or matching name.


/rec/frmResumeShow.php - Resume is showed according to resume id. You can edit resumes from here also by using the resume id link.


View Resume by matching name.


All the resume(s) will be shown with matching name.


/rec/frmResCom_E_D.php - To Modify resumes. Enter either of resume id, name or name for match. All the matching names will be shown.


This place will be used for both editing and deleting resumes from database. To delete a resume or number of resumes just check the check boxes and press delete. Warning Message will appear. To edit resume(s) use the text-link of resume id.


A new page will pop up after the text-link will be used. Edit the content and press Update.


After Update Button pressed message will be given about the process, successful or not. Close the window.


This page is not new. It will come form Home Page when you ckick on text-Link. You will get the same page as Modify Resumes.



/rec/frmVacancy.php - Department Head or other authority will Request resource from here to HR Head. A mail will automatically sent to HR Head that a Resource is requested.


/rec/frm_show_resource.php - Enter Job Id to view any Vacancy posted.


/rec/frmIntvSchSrch.php - Interview will be scheduled from here. You will select Job Id and Interview Level and all the resumes who are a candidate for this Job Id and Interview Level will be shown to you. Here I search for Job Id 3 and Interview Level One. Interview Level name shown here may looks odd but it can be set by HR from Resume Data Set in Administrator section. Here only those resumes will be selected who has Yes for Considerable at time of Resume Submission and has not appeared within six month for test.


/rec/frmIntvSchSrch.php - Only one resumes in database for job Id 3 and Interview Level one. For first Interview level a text-link will be shown in right side which can be used for seeing details of the candidate. So, that this can be Interviewed or not, can be decided.

In successive Interviews scheduling only resumes who has passed the previous Interview test will be allowed for next scheduling.

Check the check box(s) for Scheduling and Press Schedule Button. You will get new page like below.


/rec/frmIntvSch.php - Enter Information. All the information which can be provided are already provided so that user will have to enter very less. Enter interviewer name, time and interviewer Email. When you press for Save then

-email will be sent to Interviewer’s mail box.

-message will be shown to you and next resume to schedule if any will be given to you.So that you can very quickly schedule number of resumes. This way u r doing ur Job in batch mode. At last message: No resume to schedule will be shown. If you logout before scheduling all the resumes then that way there is no problem. Next time only those resumes will be shown which has not been scheduled.



/rec/frmIntvFbSrch1.php - Feedback will also be given as Interview Schedule. You will enter Job Id and Interview Level. And all the resumes who has been scheduled will be shown for feedback. You can choose all or selected depends upon you.


/rec/frmIntvFeedback.php - A new window will appear after pressing the Feedback button in previous page. Now enter the date Interviewer, time, and Feedback for the candidate. Press Save Button and next resume for their feedback will automatically shown and message shown about the previous feedback: Saved to database or other depends on error.


/rec/frmIntvSchEdit.php - Schedule Edit is where you can edit the schedule of the candidate. It is only allowed if it is not given feedback.


/rec/frmVacEdit.php - Vacancy -> Edit/Close Vacancy. You can delete the vacancy once submitted. You can close vacancy if candidate is selected finally. Enter in text box the no of vacancy to close before the Job Id to close the vacancy.


Message will be shown can be:


Now see about the Administrator section. Only Admin right user can see and use this section.


/frmcreateuser.php - To create user for this RMS System. User can have Normal right and Admin right. When U press Create User button then next page will be shown.


/rec/spuser.php - Created User details and email content which will be sent to user just created will be shown to user. Click on button ‘E-Mail to’ to send email. A new page will appear show u message that the mail has been sent. Close that window.


RMS administrative interface

Use the text-link to modify the User details.



/rec/frmChangePwd.php -


/rec/frmCom_Master.php -


/rec/frmCom_Master.php -



/rec/frmCom_Master.php -


/rec/frmCom_Master.php -


/rec/frmCom_Master.php -


/rec/frmCom_Master.php -


/rec/frmCom_Master.php -




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