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14. Learning Java: JSF, part 2 – a rant

JavaServer Faces Technology again. Today I could not get much. Only few things in JSF. Created new class in Java then called that in faces-config.xml in request scope. After that used the properties and methods in JSP page. The problem I faced, was faces-config.xml has not came automatically into the… (Continue)

13. Learning Java: JSF – a rant

Oh! This was the tough session as I have not practiced the earlier lessons and this JSF is something new to me. I cannot relate this with my PHP and any other languages (VB, .NET) technologies I have learned. I need to take a dive into JSF and learn it… (Continue)

Historic Post: Screenshot of my First PHP Project

This is another historic post. The screenshot is of my first PHP application made for MCA project in 2004. I have already posted UML diagrams here. Here RMS stands for Recruitment management system. RMS: Screen Shots /rec/Login.php - Login Page /rec/start.php - Home Page /rec/start.php - JavaScript Menu /rec/frmResumeSub.php -… (Continue)

UML Diagrams – Created for my first PHP Application

This is the Diagram I have prepared for my MCA project. The project was the first one in PHP and MySQL I developed in 2004. I studied very hard to grasp everything about UML and used only that part which was required in my project. But all those work could… (Continue)

Browser Market Share – Sept, 2010

Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide Browser Market share, sept 2010 Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide, Visitors Sept 2010 browser share - visitors 54.17 % - Firefox, 22.25% - Chrome, 16.72 % - IE, 3.82 % - Safari, 2.27 % - Opera. Browser Market Share,… (Continue)

Canvas page Error for Facebook App

I was working on my sample Facebook Application and continue to get this message: Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Go Back If I enter wrong input then it warn me of validation error, but when I enter correct input then… (Continue)