UML Diagrams – Created for my first PHP Application

This is the Diagram I have prepared for my MCA project. The project was the first one in PHP and MySQL I developed in 2004. I studied very hard to grasp everything about UML and used only that part which was required in my project. But all those work could not be used anywhere. 🙁
For application screenshot, check this post - Historic Post: Screenshot of my First PHP Project.

Use Case Diagrams


Use Case Diagrams


Use Case Diagrams


Use Case Diagrams


Activity Diagram

Sign In


Activity Diagrams

Forgot Password


Activity Diagrams

Admin Access


Activity Diagrams

Create User


Activity Diagrams

Delete User


Activity Diagrams

Modify User


Activity Diagrams

Resource Request


Activity Diagrams

Change Password


Activity Diagrams

Resource Request, Interview Scheduling and View resource requested


Activity Diagrams

Edit Schedule


Tools used can be Visual paradigm or Poseidon. Not sure! Tried few UML tools. Rational rose was taking 200-300 MB space on disk and my PC was also. For installing Rational Rose, it takes 500+ MB of space on disk at that time. This paragraph is from my memory from 2004.
This post was from my History. Did you like it! I hope regular reader of this blog may have liked it much.

  • # 2 - by Satya Prakash

    @UML Tools
    Many people can learn but company do not want to do this or say client does not want to pay for this. Even a little thinking about design is essential for coder, but many company/manager will just keep asking when you will start coding. They just want some code from 2nd day.

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