Corruption in Private Sector, India

When anyone talk about corruption, we think about politicians. we start talking about how grave is the situation in Indian politics. All state government, central government employees are corrupt. We blame all these and take a breath that we have played our part in eliminating corruption from India. Recent news of corruption came as Adarsh society, CWG (Commonwealth Games 2010), 2G telecommunication spectrum and many. Further to our thinking, we think about government or public sector employees as corrupt. Is it really corruption is prevalent only in Govt. organizations? Is it the perpetrator of corruption are politicians only! Or the biggest contributor to corruption are we individuals! I feel individual are the biggest contributor to the corruption. Politicians do not go alone, they need many people and they can find many people who can support in corruption. So, they can do it. Even they go scot-free because they got many arms in us to use for doing those work. and those check the corruption charge cannot see politicians arms involved.

Why we think that corruption only exist in government organization. Are those working for govt. organizations are outsiders? or they are born corrupt or they marked corrupt by medical practitioner. Are not they are Indians, the very society we live in!

I have seen and listen about corruption at various places. In Govt. organization, government employee will directly ask you bribe for getting work done. This is most common form of corruption as seen from outside by common people. Other most common form of corruption can be in employment. Now, the employment process is centralized, so this kind of corruption can happen from top level only. Recently Railway headed by Mamata Banerjee caught in this regard. In Karnataka also a minister was blamed for this kind of corruption.

In private firm, I see most common form of corruption continue in the form of favor for favor. Bad politicians are not in less number in IT organization. They are often termed as leader. and said to provide leadership. Those who accept their power got little fruit (often pseudo).  Those who do not know anything are most deeply engraved in politics. Many may have felt that how HR or company threaten about giving bad reputation when you do not fall in line of their (bad) politics. This tactics is very prevalent in IT companies. This is used sometimes by companies (small one) (means company head is also involved) + HR and many times for few good (bad) politicians, who somehow made the company their own estate. Those few people are 'Betaj Badshah', who do not have any real responsibility but every rights. This is all possible because few of them got united and common people are not less corrupt. They only think of themselves and this way these group survive. So, rarely anyone complain. If common people can complain, how come these Adarsh society scam, CWG scam, 2G spectrum scam and so many other scam can see day light. Somewhere common people are associated with every projects. Either in the form of assistant, group member, outsourced member or in any other form, it cannot happen that no one was associated other than those top politicians. On the employment front, in the government jobs where only very big guy can initiate for anything wrong,  private sector HR with one/two people can hire anyone they want, they can fire anyone without knowing anyone. They can discriminate easily on the basis of personal choice, caste and religion. But due to formal rules and examination on all India level, these things are difficult to achieve in Govt. Organizations.

In govt. organization, there are strict rule for functioning. There are mandatory paper work. Fixed process of paper work done correctly work when any allegation made. There are RTI etc. or newspaper and NGO who survive highlighting corruption charges.  In private sector, these paper work does not exist in the name of fasten the process. It is true that it helps in making the process fast but it also true that this help in detecting any wrongdoing almost impossible. Private sector company owners or those who are responsible for making any kind of rule can make or break any rule any time. Even they can do so on case to case basis. Due to all these, you may have found that many has occupied a post even if one is far from deserving and can easily cast as not suitable by anyone. Many of these people are termed as leader by those who follow them (spoon) and finally organization as well.

  • # 1 - by Manish Garg

    Hi Satya,

    I agree/respect your feelings for Corruption in India. I have a little different view to it though. All of India is so much into corruption that you can not even think of raising the morality of Individuals.. the thing that can ensure beside your suggestion to less/no corruption is the punishment.

    We must have strict norms for the people involved in this so as to demotivate the people thinking of being a part of corruption.

    The most sad part I feel is that so many times people are pointed and even are declared as corrupt in Court but have never seen a case where we hear (“500 million corruption victim is booked and money recovered…”) whatever you do.. unless you are unable to recover the money.. the lucrative big numbers will keep on pushing everyone to go for corruption.

    For IT Companies.. Myself being in a IT Company.. I do not run after my Boss.. Others get 10% I get 5% but for this 5%.. I feel like a boss 🙂

    Thanks for the article.

  • # 2 - by Satya Prakash

    @Manish Garg
    Thanks for dropping a comment.
    I want to highlight few points so written this article.
    Actually we just look elsewhere, in this case at govt for corruption, whereas govt employee came from the same society. Corruption is not less in pvt sector. Just style is different and it driven by profit of owner and by tax from others.

  • # 3 - by Suresh

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