Python for PHP Developers

From long time I was thinking about Python, and I spent some time with Python today. I cannot say it is good programming language or not, but I see lots of activity in Python field. I was impressed after seeing Python in Google App language list.

I  followed this article on Python for PHP developer. It was cool experience following the article. while I was working on Python after installation, I was trying to recall my old experience with Python and comparing with the the old residual left in my memory. I have checked Python for my project, where I was told to select one Language from Python or PHP. I had selected PHP thinking this is good for web development and it is. Because I only had to selected one language from the two, so I forget whatever I have tried earlier. What I remember is that time the support was very less. Everything was difficult. I am talking about year 2004. This time learning experience was very good and easy. Even Python has a good working Editor called IDLE that comes with Python installation. Installation is also easy. I do not have to bother about anything for running any script mentioned there.

In this article, little bit of introduction is available, Plus comparison between PHP and Python and sample code to give us feel of Python. For comparison between Python and PHP, I have found very very good article written on official Python site itself. I have not read that article fully at the time of writing, so I cannot give brief of that here.

I have made few observations while learning Python. Here it goes:

# Python also need forward slashes and not backward slashes in path.
# It is all easy to install on Win 7.
# IDLE (Python IDE) is included in installation. I used 64 bit installation.
# Everything is all set. I can store python file anywhere perhaps. Currently I have
#  stored in a folder /scripts inside python installation folder python31.

# After writing .py file, that can be run from window cmd prompt. or using IDLE as well.
# Just need to go to the file path and mention the file name. C:\Python31\scripts>
# IDLE can also be used to run .py file. File->Open and new window will open.
# Select Run Module. or F5.

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