Support Open-Source; Support Wikipedia

Today, as soon as I visited Wikipedia from Google search result page, I saw a big striking banner on top of the page. This is not the first time I saw this message but today I thought to donate a little.

By declaring about the donation, I am not bragging about it but want to advertise about the fact that Wikipedia need some help. We can help it maintain the neutrality of that story. It does not have to depend on any private firm or government.

By helping we can pay a little for all those numerous articles posted there, which is picked by very knowledgeable people better than us (!), we can pay for the quality of article they can maintain and simplicity of the article they could publish. Many times for the technical articles as well, I have found Wikipedia articles very useful.

I was thinking for supporting Open-source from long time, but today I could not resist from donating for the cause after seeing message from the Wiki founder. I am not in the job so I have paid very small amount but you know we are in numbers. If we support very little then also they may manage the Wikipedia. Hope you may have found this article insightful and wish to pay a little for the Wiki articles. Thank you for reading.

Support Wikipedia

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