What is Parked domain, Addon domain and sub domain?

What is Parked domain? I asked this question myself when Arvixe support has asked me to clarify one their doubt about my question. I said to myself, I know domain and I know subdomain but what is parked domain! Do you know what is Parked domain?

Parked domain is a domain name registered but does not hosted anywhere. Parked domain does not have their own hosting space. Parked domain are parked on some other domain for a time being. So, if myparked.com is a parked domain then it can be parked to satya-weblog.com. So, when accessed myparked.com, it will lead visitor to satya-weblog.com. As I know this cannot be pointed to subdomain.

Subdomain uses main domain name (satya-weblog.com) and bandwidth. It is a folder on main domain that can setup to be accessed by myfolder.satya-weblog.com. I have a this subdomain. So, subdoamin have their own files and folder hosted with main domain.

Addon domain is like subdomain given a new name. Addon domain has its own name but points to folder on a main site. So, if I register domain name newsviews.com and create a addon domain on satya-weblog.com, then I can access it using newsviews.com, which indirectly points to newsviews.satya-weblog.com / satya-weblog.com/newsviews.

For more info read here or Google it.

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