Easiest way to Track Links click and Usage

There are various tools and applications available for tracking outgoing link tracking or tracking which link used how many times. Few methods for tracking link clicks are mentioned in my old post. Here is the simplest method I feel to track the click and usage of any link on your website.

  1. Login to your Google account,
  2. Access to http://goo.gl,
  3. Short your URL (1st image),
  4. Use that short URL on your website,
  5. Your tracking started working without adding any extra code or any change in your website

Details of URL usage is also available as visible in the following image. It is giving details about referrers, how many times an URL is used, from which country it is accessed and browser info etc. It is giving usage statistics about the clicks after 2 hours of URL generation.

Click tracking is grouped in 2 hours, week, day, month and all time.

This trick is proving to be an easiest way to track Twitter link posting success. Twitter will anyway short the posted URL. If we do it then we can check, how many times the URLs has been used.

There is one concern though. When you will use short url instead of original one then Google may not be considering for SEO juice. So, if want to give weight on your link because it is pointing to your website or someone else where you want to give credit for their work then this method is not good for SEO point of view! In this case old tracking method I have mentioned in previous post (link is given above) is useful. or after few hours of tracking by this easy method, you can use longer URL by replacing short URL.