JavaScript: The Good Parts Book review

I am reading the Book  JavaScript: The Good Parts By Douglas Crockford. I read somewhere that it is good for those who already have some knowledge of JavaScript. I have found that feedback correct.

I have purchased the book because I thought that I have some knowledge of JavaScript and it is small book I can handle (Winking smile). Reading book is not an easy task. But this book is only 150 pages to read therefore it can be easy to complete. It is easy to read if I read it. I am reading it at snail speed. Lets see when I can complete reading this book. I know many people can read this book in a week or many many people in a month. You may also do so!

Purchase this book if you have some knowledge of JavaScript. If you just written few lines of JavaScript validation code somehow then this book can be hard to understand. This book is straight forward and does not talk like it is trying to teach a child. You may think about when I say that in 150 pages it has talked about every thing useful and advanced concepts. It has not talked about validations and other common items as far as I have progressed. I do not think it will talk about those. The book's flavor tells it will not talk about those common tasks.  I am finding the book very useful. It will be good if I can complete it as soon as possible for my JavaScript knowledge before I started thinking about anything else. This book is tasteful and crunchy.

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