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Data Structure in PHP: Quicksort

Quicksort is one of the best method in sorting algorithm. It has best and average case performance as O(n Log n). It means for 100 element, sorting can take around 660 iterations whereas in bubble sort it will take around 10000 iteration. In the example below, which has eight elements,… (Continue)

Data Structure in PHP: Bubble Sort

Here is the code for a data structure items in PHP. It is about Bubble Sort. Bubble sort is the way of sorting data. This is regarded as bad algorithm due to its worst case performance O(n2). Average case performance is also same as O(n2). But this sorting algorithm is… (Continue)

Few things to Do or we can Do at the Start of New Year

What should I do at the start of first year. Is there something I should do to make the whole year a successful year both professionally and personally? Here are the list I wished to prepare which will mention the basic TODO list and some of the other things that… (Continue)