Few things to Do or we can Do at the Start of New Year

What should I do at the start of first year. Is there something I should do to make the whole year a successful year both professionally and personally? Here are the list I wished to prepare which will mention the basic TODO list and some of the other things that can also be done to make our life better.

I thought to write here so that each year I and anyone can refer to it. If I write a post then I can update it as well and at each new year I can just mention it. I will try to update it to include few funny things here as well that may work for you or may not work for you but cannot harm you. So, it is going to be a collection of things to do in the eve of new year.

  • Party hard and enjoy the moment. I saw at 1st when I was back from my new year party, few posts and tweets are going around on twitter. I feel, we just forgot all those and enjoy the moment. We should release the junk inside our body by dancing and shaking our body with music.
  • Writing new year resolution. New year resolution writing process should start few days back before the new year start. If you have not written it yet then it is not late. Just pen down few basic essential jobs you want to do this year that will help you achieve your true potential as professional and your worth for your spiritual growth. This include the work important for your family value. In other words, your personal well being.
  • Purchase a diary, a planner so that you can plan your year. After writing new year resolution, each job to achieve can be broken into pieces that can be allotted to each week. Few job can be done by giving few continuous weeks and few can be within many weeks scattered over year. Personal and family value related work can go over year. Son/Daughter/spouse related work, exercise etc. can come into each week taking few hours each days.
  • and, after the above essential preparation for new year, I thought to create another category for things that is not essential but helpful. This can be helpful for few or may not be depends upon personal belief system. I will mention only those things that cannot be harmful. Here is one article that comes into this category.
  • You are requested to write here in comment to help me got those funny important things so that I and others can know about it. I will update this category and the whole list as well as and when I get anything new or remember it.

    Thank you!

Update: You may like to watch this video before you prepare your new year resolution - Meaning of Life!
New year resolution should be based on personal mission statement. Personal mission statement is statement you develop keeping whole life in mind - Where you want to see yourself after retirement or at the age of 55 years or just after 10 years etc. Year on year you plan to achieve that.

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