- for February, 2011

Important Linux Commands for Developers

Here are few Linux/Unix commands useful for developers in day-to-day work. If you worked on Linux system then you may have used these commands but you may just be very basic on those command to stand out. You may need a little brush up with commands so that you can… (Continue)

Windows 7 (Win7) Shortcut keys and WinKey Usages

Here are few window shortcut keys that are useful for day to day work and those that are not much known to many. These keys are important but commonly unknown to many window users. WinKey + Tab key = To see all open application tiled. Press and leave the Tab… (Continue)

Facebook Profile View Tracker Or Profile Visitors

Today I saw message regarding Facebook profile views through my connections on Facebook. I generally do not subscribe to application without checking a little. If a Facebook application is very important then I use that thinking - ok, after all Facebook is for fun! This application, which is about… (Continue)

Market trends report on Social Media marketing and others

DoNanza has published a report using its data. DoNanza is a largest search engine to work-from-home and freelance job as they claim. Recently they have published a combined data using its search term stats and people's response it gets on their site. According to its report, social media marketing projects… (Continue)