Windows 7 (Win7) Shortcut keys and WinKey Usages

Here are few window shortcut keys that are useful for day to day work and those that are not much known to many. These keys are important but commonly unknown to many window users.

  • WinKey + Tab key = To see all open application tiled. Press and leave the Tab key (Toggle press the tab key) to make the application move to the right. Right most application will become active window when you leave the key.
  • WinKey + Up Arrow and Down Arrow = Maximize and Minimize the application window.
  • WinKey + T = Iterate through items in taskbar.
  • WinKey + L   = Lock Windows
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc = Task Bar
  • WinKey Left Key for an app, then winKey +RightKey for another app = Snap and compare. Or you may be typing something on notepad while seeing on Browser, etc. Very useful!
  • Winkey + "+" or "-" = WinKey + Plus key or minus key for magnifying or minifying  the area where mouse pointer is positioned.
  • WinKey + Esc = remove the magnifier if enabled by previous command.
  • WinKey + 1/2/3/.. = To activate the application in taskbar. (and it starts from 1 and not zero. 🙂 )
  • WinKey + P = Display and projector toggle.
  • WinKey + D = Toggle to desktop. You all know!
  • Alt + Esc = Goes through the sequence, you opened your window.
  • WinKey + Space bar = It is for aero peak. Not sure why to use this. May be I have not given the right environment to see its effect. I see one effect of this is when I press WinKey + spacebar then I see desktop visible temporarily.

Remember, WinKey is also called Super key, Meta key or window logo key.

Read all the shortcut keys at Microsoft site itself.
Check few magic Window 7 keyboard shortcuts as here as well.

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