- for August, 2011

Popularity Contest – A WordPress Plugin disabled

I need to disable a WordPress plugin called Popularity Contest. It send post request on each page view to collect the popularity of a web page. The plugin uses JQuery code to do that."index.php",{ak_action:"api_record_view", ids: AKPC_IDS, type:"'.$type.'"}, false, "json"); With good number of visitors already visiting, this extra… (Continue)

Facebook Security Issue: Save yourself from Bad Applications

Facebook has many applications you might tempt to use. One such application is the application which claims to show how many visitor visiting to your profile. Control yourself from using these kind of application. Check on net before using any application or don't use them. Even after controlling yourself from… (Continue)

Important Linux Vi/Vim Editors commands for Programmers – 2

Here is a collection of only Vi/Vim Editor related commands. It is only a collection of important commands that you can afford to remember and do all important and usual task a programmer need to do while writing scripts. If you got to work on vi/vim editor for long enough… (Continue)