Your Public Profile on Facebook, Make it Useful and look Good

How your public profile looks on Facebook? Here is my Facebook profile, I just created:

my Facebook public profile

Now, you may be guessing why I am telling you all this! I want to tell you to have a look of your Facebook Public profile. When someone try to search you then s/he can looks for your photo and send you a friend request. This will happen if you are a beautiful girl or known person to the searchers. What if a searching person does not know you but looking for a person from his field and smart people like you. You may like to have them in your contact list too. So, for this reason, your public profile should meaningful. This helps in e-marketing too.
Now, my blog and twitter address is visible. Earlier nothing was visible and no one can guess what sort of person I am. I have hidden everything due to security reason. But hiding everything on social network is not the good use case!

This is my cached version of public profile:


Other than a photo, nothing is meaningful there. Let me help you making your public profile meaningful. Hide the details from the prying eye, yet give normal visitors some info about who you are!

Go to Account → Privacy Preferences

Privacy Preferences

Click on Customize settings:

facebook account

Now, you can choose what is visible to whom? You may like to select "Bio and Favorite Quotes" to everyone, so that you can be recognized.

customize Facebook privacy settings

After deciding on what kind of data you want to show and to whom, click on "Preview my Profile". This view is what everyone will see about you. On the next page, you may be seeing a text box to enter friend name. This will help you know how a particular friend is seeing your profile.

Hope this blog will help in getting new and useful contacts. It may also help you in making public viewable content about you viewable by public. Before sending a friend request to anyone, please have a look to your public profile, so that your wannabe friend can decide to include you or not! It is better to give him a chance to decide rather than declined.

Please share the article among friends to help them better use the Facebook.