- for September, 2011

Linux Email from Command Line with Attachment

Today I was looking for sending attachment from command line. I use bash shell prompt and I wanted to use that so that I do not need to configure email client on my Linux (RedHat) system. I have found very good command line tool to send emails with or without… (Continue)

Images from Sankey Tank, Bangalore, India

Here are few images I took in Sankey Tank. It is a park spread over many acres. I have taken it in weekend. It is good to use camera time to time. It is fun doing photography. Visit Picasa to see all pictures in big size. It is free to… (Continue)

Make your Visitors Stay Longer

Here are few points to make your visitors stays longer. Whatever you write and share with your visitors are worth only if you visitors stays there on your blog and read it. Write posts with your own content with your community content: You write your own original content with great… (Continue)

Linux: Shell Script for Printing Full Path with Filename

Here is a shell script for printing full path with filename. Suppose you have given your shell script a file name=realpath then It will work like this: $realpath filename.txt /home/satya/filename.txt $realpath folderName /home/satya/f1.txt /home/satya/f2.txt, etc It just print files one level deep. #!/bin/sh #find $PWD -name $1 2>/dev/null #find $PWD… (Continue)

Writing Shell Script in Linux/Unix

Today I have tired with shell script which are meaningful and it is something I will remember as well.  Lets first discuss about writing sample shell script! 1. Decide about a place to place your shell scripts. Usually it can be /home/yourUserDir/bin (/home/satya/bin) So, create a directory if it does… (Continue)

Google acquires Zagat; List of Google’s Acquisition to Date

Google acquires Zagat to help in local offerings. Zagat will help Google in local offering and help it compete with Foursquare and Yelp. Google's Acquisition to Date: dMarc Broadcasting - Ad company - $ 102 million On2 Technologies - Video Compression - $133 million - Known as Facebook's Third-party… (Continue)