Make your Visitors Stay Longer

Here are few points to make your visitors stays longer. Whatever you write and share with your visitors are worth only if you visitors stays there on your blog and read it.

  • Write posts with your own content with your community content:
    You write your own original content with great ideas and people like to read that. It is good. With that if you post your comments and opinion about articles you read and like to share then you create a good community. Poeple will like to read that as well. This will increase the frequency of your post as well.
  • Personalize your site according to your visitors:
    Personalize as much as you can. You can personalize suggested articles, color, font size and many more on your site.
  • Let your blog post be shared on social media and catch attention of others.
  • Write post in series: You know how TV serials work. Instead of writing whole book in a post, write small article in each post and link it previous posts.
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