- for October, 2011

Intel Chip with Login Protection

Intel chip can protect your login credential in websites. It is defense in depth. You will login with your regular login and password on a website then it will ask for if you want to go for Identity protection technology! If you agreed then it assign a unique number to… (Continue)

Blog Web Scripting’s Vital Stats

Time has come again for vital stats about the blog "Web Scripting -  A web development blog". I have taken snapshots from Google Analytics tool. I will present monthly visitors, OS wise share of visitors to this blog, Web Browsers share of visitors to this blog and new in the… (Continue)

Ubuntu 11.10 reviewed

Ubuntu has released V 11.10 codenamed Oneiric Ocelot this month. Here are few changes in the recent Ubuntu release: Unity shell usages has matured a little. It is Ubuntu's user interface shell. Unity is released with version 11.04 but it has lots of problem due to design decision etc.. Effort… (Continue)

Blogging With WordPress

WordPress is a very popular, widely used platform for blogging. It's powerful, has an easy-to-use administration panel and can even serve as a full-fledged content management system (CMS) should you have the need. It's friendly to search engine optimization (SEO). Many free, excellent plug-ins are available for it that significantly… (Continue)

nth-Child and Two class selector

I recently used nth-child() selector and two class selector. Uses of nth-child() is simple. Just need to remember the small syntax. The below CSS will make table's row alternate in color. Table's id is poslist as used here. #poslist tr:nth-child(even) {background: #DDD;} #poslist tr:nth-child(odd) {background: #FFF} I need to use… (Continue)

PHP Image Info Function. View Exif info of Images

Using PHP information function, you can write small script to review your camera setting at the time of image capture. Here is small script to view images in a folder with few important settings. Sample Output: If you want more information for each image then un-comment the line (//print_r($exif['EXIF']);) and… (Continue)

Finding Publisher for your Book became easy

Now, no need to worry about finding publishers because you are a new author. One of the most trusting brand has come to help you on this. Its reach is world wide and you know this brand from long time. Amazon has started signing authors directly. Read more about Amazon… (Continue)

Live in Present, Live like Everything is Permanent

I read an excellent article about lifestyle. It is about living in present and that is said in different manner as well. That is live as everything is permanent and enjoy everything there. Do be carried away by future and future. If we do that then our happiness be become… (Continue)

Opera 11: Show and Hide Menu Bar

Just installed Web Browser Opera again. Many times I installed other browsers and went back to Firefox. This time too I have uninstalled Firefox as I was feeling it slow from few days. There were few Java API crash and that was disabled (due to crash automatically, etc) and new… (Continue)

IBM’s Market Value is more than Microsoft

After 15 yrs, IBM is again better positioned in market value than Microsoft. IBM's market value is $ 214 billion and Microsoft's market value is $ 213.2 billion. You may all have learnt about IBM during Computer Science study. It once has a near-monopoly in computing. Apple is biggest in… (Continue)