Blog Web Scripting’s Vital Stats

Time has come again for vital stats about the blog "Web Scripting -  A web development blog". I have taken snapshots from Google Analytics tool. I will present monthly visitors, OS wise share of visitors to this blog, Web Browsers share of visitors to this blog and new in the line this time is Mobile Users share of visitors to this blog.

Total number of unique visitors:

unique no. visitors to web scripting

As you can see, stats wise, blog stats is looking better compared to an year earlier. It is around 1500 visitors every day. Monthly visitors are stands at 38,000 which is very good for a blog.

Operating system share in the visitors to this blog:

OS usages by blog visitors

Window was around 90% someday as I remember. Now it stands at 82%. Android etc are also included in this stat.

Mobile OS highlight:

mobile visitors

Mobile user presence has increased with time. and it is increasing continuously. IPad is said to be good in reading blogs, and newspapers.

Web Browser Highlight:

Visitors web browsers

Firefox and Chrome is the main browser for tech people. IE has slipped sharply. Firefox has taken 46% and Google's chrome has taken 33 percent. IE at merely 12 percent.