Intel Chip with Login Protection

Intel chip can protect your login credential in websites. It is defense in depth. You will login with your regular login and password on a website then it will ask for if you want to go for Identity protection technology! If you agreed then it assign a unique number to your PC so next time it can check that you are YOU with username and password and not someone who has hacked your password.

By now, these sites has opted for Intel's Identity Protection Technology:

American Bankers Association Addison Avenue AOL Australia Post
Bananacoast Community Credit Union BDCU Bonanza Caja de Ahorros del Mediterrane
DocLocker eBay GEICO Hume Building Society
IMCU Joyo Bank Merrill Lynch Morgan Street Document Systems Logo PayPal Police Credit Union Shipwire
Softlayer Teachers Credit Union T-mobile Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees
Personal Identity Provide

Details: Intel chips let Web sites check your computer's ID