Opera 11: Show and Hide Menu Bar

Just installed Web Browser Opera again. Many times I installed other browsers and went back to Firefox. This time too I have uninstalled Firefox as I was feeling it slow from few days. There were few Java API crash and that was disabled (due to crash automatically, etc) and new were installed over time. But I think that was not the case for it being slow. It become slow if do not restart over time. Even if I shutdown the system but have the setting to preserve the last visited browser then it does not make any difference to Firefox whether I restart my  system or not.

Opera is a good web browser. It is fast but I saw few problems here as well over time. So, I discontinued using it every time I installed it. I feel Firefox is the bast for Development job. It looks balanced.  Today I installed Opera again. I liked its interface. I saw the big "O" and clicked on show Menu bar to see how it looks and then I wanted it to hide the menu bar. I searched all the place I thought usual but could not find it. At last I saw "Show Menu Bar" toggle box in "File" menu. huh! It took time to discover it.

Opera-show menu bar

Show menu Bar at 2nd last

Opera-Hide menu bar

To Hide - Click on Selected "Show Menu bar"

Oh! I installed Firefox again. I was working on Google Docs and CCP (Cut, Copy and Paste) was not working there.  Toublesome? Yes, it was. So, I downloaded Firefox and installed it. I don't think I can use Opera when Firefox is available on my system. All bookmarks, etc are kept on seperate folder and when you uninstall FF then it will ask whether you want to delete Bookmarks etc? I have said, no. So, everything I got from previous install of Firefox. Actually only thing you need to do for Firefox is to clear the cache from time to time. Short lived Opera 🙁