- for November, 2011

Firefox 8: New Features

Today accepted the Update request from Firefox. I was running Firefox 7.x. Problem with latest update can be the Adons I am using. Adons may not work with the latest version of Firefox. So, I wait a little so that Adons provider can update their product by that time. Searched… (Continue)

Know the HTML5 Elements in a Funny way!

My Firefox version is 3.6.24 and for that I got this output. Output is nicely formatted on result page. I just copied the result and HTML has come but CSS is missing. Point your browser here and get your browser's score card. Your browser scores 179 and 4 bonus points… (Continue)

Now, I Wish to pay for Free Software I am using Regularly

I wish to pay for few software or applications I am using regularly. These software companies can start with very little amount so that it is easier to pay. It should not be costly like Microsoft software. Lets start with USD 2 to 5. After all I am not paying… (Continue)

WebP – Image Format for the Web

WebP is the new image format for the web. Google is working on the project. Here is the comparison of the image with optimized image format (PNG). Currently png format is considered optimized one for web. But the new image format WebP is reducing the size by 25 percent. If… (Continue)

Blogspot: How to remove Google Ads after 3rd Ad

Are you using Google ad on BlogSpot/blogger. If you are using it and if you have tried to show the ads below post title and after post body then you may have faced the problem of empty space. Google only allow 3 AdSense ads. If you are using Link only… (Continue)

SEO Tips: How does Incoming and Outgoing Links work ?

Here is nice tips on how incoming and outgoing links gets calculated for a page. After watching this, I got how one page gets SEO rank from incoming and outgoing links. In video Matt is telling that the links a page is getting create a weight (rank) for page. and… (Continue)

Show Adsense ads Below Post Title and Post

Adding AdSense ads below Post and below Post title is easy. There is little trick that I am going to tell you here. If you very new to Blogger/BlogSpot template then you may like to read this article on posting AdSense ads in template first. May be that is enough… (Continue)