Ah! Many Limitations on Amazon S3 (Amazon Cloud Storage)

I see lots of limitations in using cloud service. Amazon S3 is a said to be cheap and best cloud storage service.

It looks private hosting is the only good thing. I cannot set index (DocumentIndex) file for folders in Amazon.

I cannot set Header (Meta headers) for a folder. Every time I upload a file, I need to set permission for that. Now, if I am uploading files using AWS management console then it is all fine, but it is all manual process. I am using tool then that need to have support for this. Not all tools have support for setting headers. Also, Amazon does not support bulk header setting mechanism. Therefore it is all iteration of each file.

You cannot avoid hot linking as easily as you can do in your hosted file.

It seems many more is yet to come.

  • # 1 - by Andy, CloudBerry Lab

    I always enjoy learning what other people think about Amazon Web Services and how they use them. Check out my very own tool CloudBerry Explorer that helps manage S3 on Windows . It is freeware. The latest version support Upload Rules feature that helps you set up a set of headers for each upload.

    • # 2 - by Satya Prakash

      I will try posting review.

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