Firefox 8: New Features

Today accepted the Update request from Firefox. I was running Firefox 7.x. Problem with latest update can be the Adons I am using. Adons may not work with the latest version of Firefox. So, I wait a little so that Adons provider can update their product by that time.

Searched for the new features of Firefox 8 and I got few things which looks promising.

  • Security - Security in the name of Adons which did not asked for permission and still there. Yes, third-parties could install adons which is now disabled. They need particular permission for adons. At the time of new Firefox update, they will ask for which third-parties Adons you want to keep.
  • WebGL - It adds support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). It allows web apps to display hardware accelerated web graphics. Microsoft was preferring Direct-x.
  • Twitter - In search dropdown you will find twitter in the list.
  • firefox-8Tabs on demand - making it faster to load window with many tabs. When you close browser and open it next time and all tabs page will not refresh itself if you have selected "Do not load tabs until selected".
  • An update for Android  - Master password is included in the new release of Firefox.