Experience Kindle for free from your Laptop/Desktop

Want to experience Kindle (Software) by Amazon without purchasing Kindle (hardware) from Amazon! You can download Kindle for PC from Amazon. It will provide kindle software which you can use to read ebook, purchase ebook made for kindle and others. Though only lightweight hardware can give you joy and real experience of reading book on device like Kindle, you can just play around with "Kindle for PC" and get three ebook (free) with it so that you can check "Kindle for PC" software. Software is made especially for reading book.

While reading book through Kindle software, you can use double click to check that word in your dictionary. The dictionary can be downloaded free with it.


Here is part of the Kindle screen captured.


Kindle software is also available for Android, and IPad as well. Just search like Kindle for xyz and Amazon site should comes directly at top search result.

Kindle Fire comes only at $199 and it is gaining tag of IPad competitor at more than half of the price.