Now, I Wish to pay for Free Software I am using Regularly

I wish to pay for few software or applications I am using regularly. These software companies can start with very little amount so that it is easier to pay. It should not be costly like Microsoft software. Lets start with USD 2 to 5. After all I am not paying anything for many web applications like Gmail. I am not paying for Picasa or Flickr. So, if they charge USD 2-5 then they will get something from millions and millions of users. It will be very easy to pay this amount even from India and not only from America!


Why I want to pay for the service, Software and Application ?

  • I want to make sure that these good software continue to flow in our daily life. So, if these companies can get assured money along with advertising money then they can plan better. They will feel secure.
  • I want to reward these companies for good software they have made available for us.
  • As a developer, I want those who (companies or individuals) develop these software gets its price.
  • I think it will make software companies life easier who develop software for masses. It will ease the attention they need to pay on marketing and advertising.
  • Open source software will get more attention and new order will come forward for making money from software and web

I do not want to pay for each and every software I sign-in. I sign-in to forum, and different different blogs as well. If I am going to pay for each and every applications then I need to keep some money every months for this activity. Then it will become like mobile bill which comes on monthly basis. I do not want to loose free and easy to use facility with the current system. I do not want to loose the options I have to switch from one application to another.

But, I see few applications I am using from long time and they are very useful. Gmail, Picasa, Window Live Writer, YouTube and Flickr are few of the applications for which I am ready to pay. I am using these applications from long time and will continue to use. There can be many Software/applications for which people don't mind paying the small amount. Linux, MySql, PHP,  Apache, WordPress and many more. So, why not I should pay for these. $2-5 is very very less amount but combined from all users it can easily comes to many millions! Companies can concentrate more on new development after getting lump sum amount.