Online Marketing Importance; Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Importance of online marketing is increasing day by day. I maintain two blogs so little bit of information I also maintain about online marketing. Because of online marketing, spending on online media is also increasing by advertisers on online ads and therefore publishers are getting better chance to earn money through their publication of blog post, and article on websites.

Mashable has published a very good article about outbound and inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is were any marketer call you and bake you until you say yes or harshly put down the receiver. Ads through billboards etc. are in outbound marketing style.

Inbound marketing is happening through social media (Facebook, Twitter, google Plus and others), company blog, and articles contributed on someone else blog.

Average budget spend on inbound marketing has increased two folds in last two years. (Publishers, are you seeing the increase in commission! )

Sixty one percent said they will invest more on inbound marketing. Facebook has become very important for them.

Important is inblound marketing cost less then outbound marketing and it adds something to the customer. You read good article or bloggers who write good articles gets revenue through these advertisers and get push to post more and more good article.

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