- for November, 2011

How to Get Facebook User Id

It was fun finding Facebook user ID (uid). I need to search everywhere for this. It is my user Id but it is not available on Facebook profile. Trick I got is, post a comment on any Facebook page and mouse over your name in your post comment. You will… (Continue)

Adding Adsense Ads to blogger (blogspot) Template

After a long while I again need to put adsense ads to blogger template. and again I forgotten the little trick to put Adsense code to blogspot I learnt. I just remembered the quote to encode. But it is not sufficient. Blogspot Template when saved remove the JavaScript code put… (Continue)

Ah! Many Limitations on Amazon S3 (Amazon Cloud Storage)

I see lots of limitations in using cloud service. Amazon S3 is a said to be cheap and best cloud storage service. It looks private hosting is the only good thing. I cannot set index (DocumentIndex) file for folders in Amazon. I cannot set Header (Meta headers) for a folder.… (Continue)

Facebook: How to Logout from all Logged in Devices ?

Forgot to logout from somewhere! Do you want to logout from logged in devices you logged in yourself but now thinking of someone else may be using it! Well, Facebook has the facility to help you get detail about logged in devices and logout from those places if you wish… (Continue)

Benefits of Firefox Plugin – Alexa-Sparky

Alexa Sparky Firefox plugin is a tool used for website's SEO analysis. It tells about Site's Traffic Stats, Search Analysis, Audience and other. You can login to amazon site and review your favorite site as well. Alexa Sparky is a Amazon product. It helps me in seeing a website's worth,… (Continue)

What is reCaptcha Project ?

ReCaptcha is helping digitizing books, newspaper and other old stuff. How this reCAPTCHA project is  working? Question is how this project is helping digitizing books and newspaper and how it know whatever you entered is correct or not? As you know it uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition). First it takes… (Continue)

Experience Kindle for free from your Laptop/Desktop

Want to experience Kindle (Software) by Amazon without purchasing Kindle (hardware) from Amazon! You can download Kindle for PC from Amazon. It will provide kindle software which you can use to read ebook, purchase ebook made for kindle and others. Though only lightweight hardware can give you joy and real… (Continue)

Online Marketing Importance; Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Importance of online marketing is increasing day by day. I maintain two blogs so little bit of information I also maintain about online marketing. Because of online marketing, spending on online media is also increasing by advertisers on online ads and therefore publishers are getting better chance to earn money… (Continue)